Keyholding & Alarm Response

EMS provide  to react to alarm Keyholding and Response Officers to protect customer assets. As well as attending site we will locate the cause of the activation, make the premises secure and preserve any potential evidence. inspections and reports are carried out to report findings to our customers.


EMS operate to the very highest standards for key holding and alarm response services. Our management team and staff operate in accordance with the best practice standard for key holding and alarm response, BS 7984-1.

We have adequate resources and insurance in place to manage any key holding contract and have a number of response vehicles on the road. Our vehicles are fit for purpose and carry a 2 way communication device and tracker. All company vehicles are regularly maintained, A 24 hour control room means we can respond to any activation within prescribed timescales.

Our staff are of the highest competence and integrity and go through a rigorous selection process. This includes pre-employment testing of competence and security screening in accordance with the code of practice, BS7858, meaning only the best staff are employed. driving licences are checked on a regular basis/

All our Keyholding and Response Officers have the appropriate licence for their duties and are all supplied with the very best equipment and uniform, including the necessary PPE and mobile response equipment.

All of our Keyholding and Response Officers undergo a rigorous training program that includes induction training, operational training and Keyholding and Response Officer training.


Other specialist training, such as first-aid, advanced driving are carried out as required by the business. Our security officers also undertake annual refresher training to ensure they are up-to-date with all the latest standards and best practice.


All of our customer sites have assignment instructions that outline key information, means of access, methods of setting alarms, customer specific instructions and any contingency arrangements. Risk assessments conducted during the site survey are always included in the assignment instructions.


The safety of our Keyholding and Response Officers is paramount and we ensure that regular check calls are made to control to confirm their safety. We also provide staff with the latest technologies for recording activations and reporting issues to control. Regular updates are provided to our customers.

We take great care with your keys from formal receipt until end of contract. Your keys are held securely both on the premises and during transportation. key movements are logged and regular key audits undertaken, 

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