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Expert CCTV monitoring and vacant property inspections in Derby and the East Midlands

EMS Security Services provides Mobile Response Officers to react to alarm activations to protect customer assets. As well as CCTV monitoring and property inspections, our management team and staff operate in accordance with the best practice standard for keyholding and alarm response, BS 7984-1.

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Protecting property, people and assets since 1996

Our teams carry out routine and emergency vacant property inspections on a 24/7 basis. Our patrol vehicles are fully insured, well-maintained and are able to communicate with our control room at all times. We have a number of patrol vehicles on the road at any time.

Providing the best officers for the job

The staff we hire are of the highest competence and integrity and go through a rigorous selection process. This includes pre-employment testing of competence and security screening in accordance with the code of practice, BS7858, meaning only the best staff are employed. All our Mobile Response Officers have the appropriate licence for carrying out their duties and are all supplied with the very best equipment and uniform, including the necessary PPE and mobile patrol equipment.

All of our Mobile Response Officers undergo a rigorous training program that includes induction training, operational training and assignment specific training. Other specialist training, such as first aid, fire marshal and banksman courses are carried out as required by the customer. Our security officers also undertake annual refresher training to ensure they are up to date with all the latest industry standards and best practice.

All security work carried out to your requirements

All of our mobile patrol contracts have assignment instructions that outline the Mobile Response Officers duties and confirm the scope of the assignment agreed with the customer. Risk assessments conducted during the site survey are always included in the assignment instructions. The safety of our Mobile Response Officers is paramount and we ensure that regular check calls are made to control to confirm their safety. Our teams are equipped with modern technology to keep a log of any incidents and we provide regular updates to our customers.

We'll make sure you get value for money

EMS Security Services understands that key performance indicators can help us and our clients measure performance against the contract. From time to time we will conduct visits (at a pre-agreed time) to monitor the performance of staff and to check on their welfare.

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