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A leading choice in vacant property inspections

At EMS Security Services Ltd we're fully equipped to send out security professionals to protect unoccupied and empty buildings which you own. Discuss your needs with our Derby-based team.

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Established since 1996

SIA accredited

Trust us to protect your vacant sites

Vacant sites - such as offices, warehouses and showrooms - are an attractive target for thieves, and risk being occupied by squatters and other people who have no right to be in your private property.


EMS Security Services offers bespoke vacant property services, tailored to the needs of Derby's businesses and organisations. 

We have been trading since 1996, and in that time have grown to became one of the area's leading security specialists. We are SIA certified, and members of the Accredited Contractor Scheme (ACS).


From routine vacant property inspections through to CCTV monitoring, trust our team to keep your site secure.

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No matter your plans, trust us to help

Properties can be vacant for a number of reasons. Whether your site is earmarked for demolition, you're preparing for site upgrades, or your business has no need for the property right now - but you still wish to keep it in your portfolio - you can trust EMS Security Services to keep it secure. We offer around the clock services, with prompt mobile responses by fully trained security guards.

empty long corridor in a modern office building
Empty factory floor, vintage wood flooring

Committed to continual improvement

EMS Security Services isn't one of the leading security provided in Derby because we sit on our laurels; we continually strive to improve and grow. Our security team undergoes regular training, and internal key performance indicators ensure that what we do is always for the benefit of our clients.

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To discuss security for your vacant property in Derby, call us on:

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